Why You Really should Attend The Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

By now you almost certainly know that your donors want to realize the effect that your nonprofit is creating in the neighborhood. They are looking for deeper transparency and measurable metrics that demonstrate that your mission and the perform you happen to be undertaking is assisting society and the individuals or causes that it serves.

Nonetheless, there is an element that can not be missed, and that is the storytelling. Yes, it is critical to communicate with your promoting pieces the quantifiable information and stats about your group–but not at the loss of telling your story.

Take a appear at your promoting material.

Do you assume you have lost your way in evoking emotion?

The way to attain significant donors and men and women is by telling the attempted and accurate story. Individuals nonetheless give to individuals. And, as it has been for generations, if you can emotionally move a person to assistance or advocate for your organization, it is simply because you have connected with a thing in their humanity. The story of your nonprofit is the initial factor that you should really be communicating simply because it causes individuals to take action. The information and figures then back up the choice to give with rational believed.

Fortunate for you, there is a entire conference committed to nonprofit storytelling, and it is taking place correct right here in my town, Orlando, Florida. The dates are October 15 – 17, 2018 and there is an early-bird particular on tickets if you buy them by July 13th.

Telling the Story

The Nonprofit Storytelling Conference is an annual conference that assists nonprofits communicate in the most basic way achievable, telling the story. Just about every day, there are numerous articles published aimed at assisting nonprofits with all the things from board governance to fundraising and promoting. There are also a lot of conferences that nonprofit teams can attend all through the year. But, there is no other occasion out there that I am conscious of that focuses exclusively on storytelling, which is vital for developing brand awareness.

Subjects for 2018

The Nonprofit Storytelling Conference has a fantastic list of difficulties to aid engage and inform attendees. Vital subjects incorporate:

  • How to make a story primarily based ask.
  • How to craft consideration-grabbing headlines for use in emails, social media, newsletters and on your web-site.
  • How to pick out the finest stories to compel your donors to give.
  • How to use story-primarily based advertisements on Facebook to attract new donors.
  • How to use a series of stories to retain donors longer.
  • How to create compelling letters, articles, and posts your donors will like.
  • How to use stories to turn into extra influential at your organization.
  • How to raise your profile in the neighborhood working with stories.
  • How to build a year-extended content material calendar.

The Nonprofit Storytelling Conference also records all of the presentations and you can buy the videos and watch just about every session. You are also encouraged to share the videos with your group.

More Sources

There are 3 free of charge sources that you can acquire correct now from the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.

  1. Donor Story Sequence PDF:If you happen to be questioning how to steward your donors and what to do with them, the Donor Story Sequence, will guide you toward your subsequent measures.
  2. Ask Thank Report Repeat Graphic:Is a straightforward graphic that will aid you make stronger relationships with your supports.
  3. Raising Extra Cash by means of Much better Story Video:The video completes the three-element resource package by telling you how to raise extra funds from your donors by means of storytelling.