Why I Think Christianity Is The A single Accurate Religion

Considering that Jesus Christ produced the claim that He is the only way to God

(John 14:six), it follows that either Christianity is accurate and all other religions are false or that Christianity is false and that one particular or much more other religions may possibly in reality be accurate. But as the outcome of Christ's exclusive claim to the truth, Christianity can not coexist with other religions. I saw a bumper sticker one particular time that produced every single letter of the word “coexist” into a symbol of the key globe religions. I do not try to remember all of the symbols utilised but just that the “X” was the Star of David which represented Judaism though the “T” of course stood for the Cross of Christianity. That is the message of the globe that all religions lead to God and we ought to study to coexist by respecting every single other people beliefs.

Why cannot God use lots of unique religions? The basic answer is that God is Sovereign and can do something He desires. Perhaps He could pretty properly have selected to use other religions but the reality is He did not. He ordained that His Son would get all the glory and be the only access to Him. God sent His Son and only sent His Son to be the Savior of the globe. For that reason, because God ordained that His Son would be the only Savior then no invented religion of man can substitute. How could we possibly override God's will and invent some other way to get to Him?

There are numerous factors why I think Christ is the only way to God and that Christianity is the only accurate religion. Mine is not a “blind” faith. Several people today accuse God of not providing sufficient proof to think. But, as I think we will study, this is not the case. Other religions demand their followers to just take them at their word in spite of lack of substance. In other words, there is no proof to what they claim to be accurate but they anticipate loyalty from their disciples. This is the essence of “blind” faith.

The unity of Scripture

A single of the most unbelievable evidences for the truth of Christianity is the unity of Scripture. The Bible consists of 66 books written by much more than 40 authors more than a 1500 year time span. And the operating theme of the complete operate is Jesus Christ. There is no explanation other than God is the overseer and author of it. How could dozens of males from unique occupations, in unique areas, and at unique occasions in history create a unified book?

The Bible was not written in a vacuum it is accurate history. In other words, it is not a volume of “smart” sayings or teachings from some sage or religious leader. It is God intervening into actual globe history. The males who wrote it did not just reside in a cave someplace and record their philosophical thoughts. They had been prophets, priests and kings known as out by God who changed the history of Israel which in turn impacted the surrounding globe. The complete history of the globe has been shaped by these males.

Christianity is not an offshoot of Judaism. Several think that the Old Testament is the foundation for Judaism and that the New Testament church is a branch from it. But Judaism, like all other religions, tries to earn its way to heaven. It is just a different man produced religion which was invented by the nation of Israel. Christ is the theme of the complete Bible and His church is the finish outcome of the operate He began in the starting. God has usually saved His people today by their faith, not by the functions of the Law of Moses or any other religious functions.

Fulfilled prophecy

No religion other than Christianity has genuinely fulfilled prophecies as their basis. Some religions claim to have prophecies but miserably fall quick of substantiating them. Even the most renowned of the false prophets in the globe, Nostradomus, gave predictions that are totally also vague. Not only are his predictions vague but they have absolutely nothing to do with the redemption of man. They are just empty sayings that are supposedly fulfilled in modern day events.

Now the enemies of Christ have produced up factors to attempt and clarify away the fulfilled prophecies of the Bible. A single of these is that the Scriptures had been altered to make it appear like they had been genuinely fulfilled. But the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls in 1949 proved otherwise. These Old Testament documents basically pre-date Christ proving the authenticity of the prophecies they include.

A different excuse they market is that the prophecies of the Bible are also vague. But this merely is not accurate. The events surrounding the birth, life, death, burial and resurrection of Christ foretold in the Old Testament had been a mystery and had been “hidden.” For that reason, the prophecies flow inside the narration of Scirpture. But this was all in God's program. It may possibly be that the cause God “hid” the prophecies till right after their fulfillment was so that there would under no circumstances be a doubt that the events came to pass by God alone with out the aid of any man. Plus, we are told, if man had understood ahead of time what was supposed to take spot then it may possibly pretty properly not have occurred at all, “Which none of the rulers of this age knew for had they recognized, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory” (1 Cor. two:eight).


A miracle is supernatural intervention into this all-natural globe. It is God carrying out a thing only God can do. Christianity was confirmed to be accurate by multitudes of miracles performed by Christ. Just to name a handful of of Christ's miracles: changed water into wine (John two:six-10) healed illnesses (Matt. four:23, 24 Luke six:17-19) cast out devils (Mark 1:34) raised the dead (Matt. 9:25 John 11:43, 44) restored sight to the blind (John 9:1-7) fed the multitudes (Matt. 14:15-21, 15:32-38) walked on water (Matt. eight:26, 27) calmed a storm (Mark four:39).

Christ not only claimed to be the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:six) but backed up His claim by the miracles He performed. He does not anticipate us to merely take Him at His word with out any proof. In reality, speaking of His miraculous functions, He stated, “Think Me that I am in the Father and the Father in Me, or else think Me for the sake of the functions themselves” (John 14:11). He was stating that His miracles give us the proof we want to think.

The resurrection

Christ's resurrection from the dead is the basis for our faith (1 Cor. 15:14). To somehow disprove the resurrection would destroy the complete foundation of Christianity. On the other hand, proving it as an actual historical occasion establishes the Christian faith all through all ages.

There are numerous genuine evidences for Christ's resurrection: the empty tomb multitudes of eyewitnesses the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost miracles performed by the apostles the silence of critics. Without having going into detail about every single of these, it is enough to say that these supply ample proof for Christ's resurrection as an historical occasion. And His resurrection proves that He is the only way to God since He is the only man to win the victory more than death.

The most affordable globe view

It just tends to make sense that for a religion to be accurate then it ought to answer the crux of life's spiritual inquiries such as the creation, death, sin, righteousness, and enjoy. But not only really should it address the spiritual but also the concerns of every day life like loved ones, marriage, divorce, funds, operate, politics and ministry. No other religion touches on so lots of regions of life than the Bible.

I know a lady who is diligently looking for the one particular accurate religion amongst lots of. Along with my wife witnessing to her about Christ, she is also getting pursued by a Muslim who gave her a Koran. A single day she study in it that it is acceptable for a man to beat his wife. This definitely turned her off to that religion and rightly so. We want to recognize that the Bible portrays males and females in their suitable roles and offers dignity to each.


Some people today attempt to test God by stating that if He is genuine then why does He not just show Himself or else give us overwhelming proof of His existence and His will. Truly, God is not obligated to give us something at all. It is His personal prerogative to do as He pleases. But He did opt for to show Himself to us in the Individual of His Son Jesus Christ. He stated, “He who has observed Me has observed the Father” (John 14:9). And in order that we would have powerful faith, He gave us not only enough proof but also overwhelming proof of Him. All the proof we want is ideal there in Scripture and mankind is left with out excuse.