What To Do, AND NOT To Do, When You are A Crime Victim

911 Technique

The 911 phone method is common nationwide to allow callers to attain emergency solutions by telephone with a minimum of difficulty.

If you have an emergency involving the security of life or home, you are encouraged to make use of the method. In most places, you may perhaps dial 911 from a spend telephone devoid of the want for coins.

If your region has enhanced 911 with automatic quantity identification and automatic place identification, your name, address and phone quantity will be displayed on a screen at the 911 operator's position when the connection is produced.

Enable can be dispatched to your place even if you never get a possibility to say a word!


If you arrive at your house or organization and really feel that it has been burglarized, DO NOT ENTER, but go to yet another place and get in touch with the police.

Let the police search the home to make certain that no suspect is nevertheless present.

Upon getting into your house or organization, do not touch points unnecessarily as you may perhaps disturb or destroy fingerprint and other proof.

Inform the police of something that has been moved from its original position so that it can be checked for prints.

Notify the police if you uncover something that is not yours that may perhaps have been left behind by the burglar such as tools, clothes, and so forth. (Driver's licenses and other identification have been left behind by burglars prior to!)

Be ready to supply the police with serial numbers and a comprehensive description of all missing home.

Inform the police if you have engraved any of the things with your driver's license or other customized quantity.


You have heard it prior to and now right here it is once again: Never ever resist if you are the victim of a robbery. Do precisely as you are told to do in order to reduce your probabilities of getting injured and to speed the departure of your assailant Just before he gets other tips.

The assailant, in most circumstances, does not want to hang about considerably longer than you want him to.

Your cash and other valuables can hopefully be replaced. And even if you really feel they can not be replaced, never let that believed bring about you to hesitate. You undoubtedly can't be replaced.

Attempt to acquire a superior description of the suspect(s) and the path and mode (on foot, car) of escape.

It really is often a superior thought to have a second billfold with a handful of dollars and a handful of crucial hunting cards in it to give to an attacker must the want arise.

Hold your genuine money and cards in an interior pocket not quickly accessible by the robber.

Do not resist any try the attacker may perhaps make to search your pockets, even so.


The object of any con game is to bring about you to element with your cash or other issue of worth. Most con games are initiated by persons who strategy you on the street or get in touch with on you at your house.

Be suspicious of ANY program, thought, scheme, organization deal or what ever that needs you to element with your cash on brief notice.

If you really feel you have been the victim of a con game or an illegal organization practice, notify the police.

Do not be embarrassed or hesitant to inform the authorities for worry of ridicule. The sooner you notify the police the higher your probabilities of recovering your home.

You may perhaps not be the only victim of what ever group is operating, and your statements and these of other victims may perhaps assistance in apprehending the suspects.


If you are involved in a site visitors accident and the other driver leaves the scene, right away attempt to see and bear in mind or record the license plate quantity and description of the car and the driver. You may perhaps only have a handful of seconds to do this. Also attempt to notice exactly where the harm is positioned on his car.

If you can SAFELY do so, and your car is not disabled, and no 1 can do it for you, stick to the suspect for a brief distance to get the license plate quantity if you have been not in a position to get it at the scene.

The suspect will almost certainly be exceeding the speed limit so do not get involved in something resembling a pursuit. Do not compound the challenge by committing site visitors violations and causing yet another accident for which you may perhaps be held accountable. If you can't get the info in a brief distance, return to the scene and notify the police.

If other motorists are nearby, attempt to uncover a volunteer to stick to the suspect to get the license quantity. Ask witnesses to stay or at least to leave their name and address and a written description of the suspect car and driver.

Be suspicious of drivers who do quit following the accident but ask you or supply you cash not to get in touch with the police. This must alert you to right away begin recording license plate and other info. These drivers may perhaps choose to leave promptly.

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